The predictions module

The surprise.prediction_algorithms.predictions module defines the Prediction named tuple and the PredictionImpossible exception.

class surprise.prediction_algorithms.predictions.Prediction(uid, iid, r_ui, est, details)[source]

A named tuple for storing the results of a prediction.

It’s wrapped in a class, but only for documentation and printing purposes.

  • uid – The (raw) user id. See this note.

  • iid – The (raw) item id. See this note.

  • r_ui (float) – The true rating \(r_{ui}\).

  • est (float) – The estimated rating \(\hat{r}_{ui}\).

  • details (dict) – Stores additional details about the prediction that might be useful for later analysis.

exception surprise.prediction_algorithms.predictions.PredictionImpossible[source]

Exception raised when a prediction is impossible.

When raised, the estimation \(\hat{r}_{ui}\) is set to the global mean of all ratings \(\mu\).